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2021 – what changes for you?

The year 2020 had many of you and us face challenges that surely were not predictable at the end of 2019. Therefore we hope that you had a good start into the year 2021 and that it will be better and less dispensable than 2020.

With 2021 come some important changes, which I will now describe and outline to you briefly and clearly: The basic tax-free amount has been raised from 9.408,- € to 9.744,- €. The child allowance increased by 15,- € per child, and the relief amount for single parents of 1.908,- € is complemented by an allowance of 2.100,- €.

Moreover, the income threshold for statutory health insurance has changed to 58.050,- € and the compulsory insurance limit increased to 64.350,- €. The commuter allowance remains at 0,30 € per kilometer for a distance traveled of 1 – 20 km. But from the 21st kilometer the allowance rises to 0,35 € per kilometer.

The biggest change (after long political debates) is the abolishment of the solidarity surcharge (Soli) for most of the tax payers. There are different income limits to pay attention to, since the new regulation still requires certain individuals to pay the Soli partially or possibly even entirely:

  • For incomes up to approx. 73.000,- € for single earners / approx. 151.000,- € married earners the Soli is cancelled
  • For incomes up to approx. 109.000,- € for single earners / approx. 221.000,- € married earners the Soli is partially cancelled
  • For incomes over approx. 109.000,- € for single earners / approx. 221.000,- € married earners everything remains the same

Of course, there are more changes – you can read about them here in summarized form if you like, or here in much more detail. 

We wish you a good and successful year 2021!


Neues Jahr 2021
Covid-19 Gerry Kreutzer - Wirtschaftsberater

Corona Crisis: Opportunities & Possibilities

I am sure you have noticed: Right after it became known that the Corona virus was spreading rapidly, almost all markets worldwide have recovered strongly. However, many experts do not see Corona as the cause but merely as the trigger for the massive distortions. It is also questionable if the markets are stabilizing long-term now or if they are going to further recover. Important: Stay calm and talk to your Consultant. The consumer organization advises to keep cool as well (this is what they say).

It is a fact that especially after markets have recovered, there are once again many attractive opportunities to invest your capital wisely. No matter if individual securities, funds, structured products or which asset class you prefer – as an independent Consultant we are happy to help you decide. What has not changed through the crisis, though: The deposit rates for savings books, call money accounts etc. remain at an all-time low.

And especially after this crisis, considering the economic effects that are already apparent, the central banks will hold on to their low-interest-rate policy. This is because many industry sectors, branches open to the public and many others need to have the chance to reposition themselves with cheap money.

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