Consultation Process

An independent and extensive consultation is the key to a long-term & good collaboration

Gerry Kreutzer

In a first interview we determine the status quo together. We look at all aspects in detail and discuss them with you. On the basis of your wishes and demands we create a complete concept that is customised for you. The business consulting focuses on your asset development. We help you optimize and expand this important area.

In the conception phase we analyse, interpret and evaluate your status quo. We compare service features, make mathematical comparisons and calculations, while also considering tax issues – always with your goals and wishes in mind.

As independent consultants we have no obligations towards any companies or banks, and can therefore select and recommend the best option of more than 125 providers and 150 banks for you.

During our consultation meeting we present the results of our conceptual work to you. For our conversation it is important that you recognize the real added value of an extensive and independent consultation. Besides you „feeling better“, for us it is a matter of being transparent and showing you your benefits immediately.

Only at the end of the counselling you decide if you want to keep working with us or not.

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