In the field of financing there are several things that might interest you:

The common small loan for a planned or not so planned purchase, car loan or construction financing to make the dream of your own four walls come true, and many more. Our Financing Expert has more than 20 years of experience with loans, so together we will find the right contact of more than 150 banks for you and your request.

What is the fastest way to get your Loans?

You have a specific wish or maybe even already offers – just contact us. Taking into account your demands, we assess the feasibility and will propose first offers to you soon after. If the suitable option is among them right away, we just need a few required documents. Those will be forwarded to the bank for verification, in order to process the loan request and transfer the money to you fast and straightforward.

A few examples of Loans:


Consumer credit

For smaller, (un)planned purchases or liquidity shortages.

Rescheduled loans

Combine existing loans into one new, cheaper loan to reduce the monthly charge.

Car loan

Get your dream car through favourable monthly rates.

Modernization loan

Your property needs to be renovated? No problem – together we will find the right financing partner for you.

Construction financing

We help you find the right provider for your desired property.

Business and commercial loans

These loans support self-employed individuals and small enterprises that require greater liquidity, for example for a certain purchase.

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