How do I find a suitable investment ?

You probably already know what we will tell you now: Making investments is not an easy task nowadays. For decades many people were familiar with nothing but investing in trustworthy solutions with good interest rates, such as bank savings bonds, building loan contracts, incremental savings or the typical savings book. But since the end of 2011 the rates for fixed-interest investments are heading only in one direction – down. Considering the inflation and other factors, this is called “depreciation”. And this results in a loss of purchasing power, if people still choose the above mentioned investment options for their assets. Now, what does this have to do with you finding the best investment?

Whether you want to build up, reorganize or optimize assets, first we talk about your past experience with investments. Together we will determine your goals and wishes for the upcoming years, reflect upon different scenarios, and assess which investment suits you best. Thereby we consistently follow the Portfolio theory of Harry M. Markowitz: diversification to various asset classes. In addition we make sure that your investment is as flexible as possible, so that you can act and react anytime in any given situation.  

Should you choose to invest in securities or alternative investments, please note that we are operating through our liability umbrella Netfonds AG under a bank licence according to Section 32 KWG, and are therefore liable to audit and supervision by the BaFin.


A quick overview for your investment

Checking Account

Which account is convenient for me, which services matter to me? We help you find the right bank account.

Call Money

Even in times of low interest rates there are providers who grant at least a small interest rate for your deposit.


According to your individual demands we create a deposit strategy for your investment: From ETF or individual securities to certificates, anything is possible.

Real Estate

Direct real estate acquisition or investment – we will find the right solution with and for you.

Precious Metals

Precious metals can complement your asset structure.

P2P Lending

This risky but promising investment is becoming more and more popular.

Money alone doesn’t make anybody happy. You also need stocks, gold and properties.


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