Risk Protection

What is Risk Protection and which insurances fall into this category?

Risk protection to us means that we minimize your risks with suitable insurances or offer you total protection insurance. It depends on your current circumstances. Why is that so important?

The holistic counselling and the concept that we create for you is built upon a secure basis. Or you could say: You don’t build the roof, if the basement is unstable. Therefore we consider risk protection a fundamental building block. We look into your existing insurances, optimize them if necessary, and identify your demands together. It is at all times important to us that you are not over-insured. We aim to cover all the important areas, but then you can use the money you save for building up your assets.

Every year we evaluate for you if any of the components can be optimized or if you still have the best possible risk protection. We also readily oversee and advise you about insurances and contracts that you have closed with other companies.

Because we can calculate and compare almost all market rates, we offer to provide you with a transparent, valid and independent second opinion regarding your existing insurances and contracts for risk protection.


Which issues are relevant for your Risk Protection, respectively your insurances?

In order to give you an overview about risk protection and corresponding insurances, we have listed the four most important areas. In our counselling we look closely at each of them to detect potential deficiencies, check if existing contracts fit your current situation and things like that.

I’m happy to answer any questions you might have – Your Business Consultant Wetterau, Gerry Kreutzer

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Health is the most valuable asset and should be protected accordingly. We compare the statutory and private insurance providers and find the right one for you.

Basic Coverage

This is mainly about protecting you and your assets from loss, damage or third-party claims. This includes components such as liability, household and car insurance that we evaluate und optimize for you.

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Protecting your labour is crucial for the overall concept – because our advice is entirely based on your income. In accordance with your job profile we identify the best insurer for you.

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Together we develop a plan for the period following your career, so that you can look forward to it even more. We transparently show you all pros and cons of each potential solution that the market has to offer.

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