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Who we are? Insurance Broker & Investment Advisor, Financial Coach

In 2014 I founded my company in the Wetterau (Nidda) to work as an Insurance Broker & Investment Advisor and assist the people and companies in the Wetterau with their finances and insurances.

Being an independent Investment Advisor and Insurance Broker has a considerable advantage over tied representatives who only have one or few providers at hand. Use this to your advantage! This way you will find the best investment options and insurances in the Wetterau. Of course we can also pay you a visit, for example in Nidda, Friedberg, Bad Nauheim, Bad Vilbel, Büdingen and beyond.

Our cooperation partner Elisa Capital GmbH has its headquarters in Frankfurt am Main.

Being near our clients is important to us. Therefore, most of them live in the Wetterau or bordering districts like Main-Kinzig and cities like Frankfurt am Main, Gießen and Marburg. We help you find the best investment options and insurances.


Münzenburg Gerry Kreutzer Wirtschaftsberater Versicherungsmakler und Anlageberater
Wetterau Gerry Kreutzer Wirtschaftsberater Versicherungsmakler und Anlageberater

The Wetterau – diverse and fascinating

During the last ice age very fertile loess soils formed in the Wetterau. These soils have shaped the landscape greatly – they are used agriculturally to this day. In its earlier history the Wetterau was a good strategic location for the Romans – which they used to advance into the unoccupied Germania. Many forts and signs of the Limes are present-day witnesses to this period. This “strategic” position exists even today, as the motorways 5 and 45 connect the Wetterau to the surrounding districts and cities.

The Wetterau – a constantly growing and most interesting region & landscape.

Business Consultant (Wirtschaftsberater) Wetterau – Your contact for independent investment and insurance solutions. The more diverse the Wetterau and its residents are, the more important it is to have a reliable expert who supports local individuals and companies. We are on the road every day to discuss investment options and insurance concepts, and to point out the benefits of being guided by an independent Insurance Broker and Investment Advisor.


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